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Sep 1, 2006
  1. Since this is still related to the other topic i posted, I figured I would just start another one instead of going on with the other one forever. Can someone please describe the process of getting a hosting domain & where to get one & for how much? I would like to know where to get the domain, how much it would cost per month/year, what kind of software I should use for the FTP sharing, & how to set the options up so this will work from any PC either inside or outside my local LAN. Also, if you do purchase a domain does that still put you in breach with your local ISP? I'm really new to the networking/sharing stuff & it's all a learning experience for me still. For whoever replies I really appreciate your help!

    P.S. -- FREE PUNCH & PIE!! :grinthumb
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    What is this for? Do you want to host stuff on your home computer or do you need a dedicated server with a fast internet connection in some hosting company?

    At the simplest, you go to and register a free hostname. Then you configure your router or the computer to update the hostname whenever your IP address changes. Now you can access your computer from anywhere on the internet using your registered hostname.

    Use some free FTP server software. Which one works for you, depends on what your needs are. Just try out some of the programs locally until you find what you like. After that you just set up your firewall and the router so that people can access FTP from the internet.
  3. jobeard

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    try for the domain name. they can also provide web hosting
    which will give you a legit ftpd

    you can also google for 'domain registration' and/or 'web hosting service'
  4. electricvoices

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    Basically I need to have a ftp site/network drive setup so i can share files between myself & other users across the internet... So once i get all of that set up, how to i configure my firewall & router to i can access ftp from the internet?
  5. Samstoned

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    back at you again
    cheap domain reg is one thing now finding host is another
    godaddy is cheap registar I use them for domain name and https certificates
    just do search for hosting services top ten
    godaddy does this to it can get expensive
    when I started with low traffic I just setup my own server
    check out apache for both http and ftp
    theres a few more flavors out there a lot are free
    by the way ftp downloads are slower than http
    so you may want to setup a dual system with passwords
    you wil need passwords for ftp anyway
  6. Nodsu

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    Now, if you had actually read what (s)he said, then you'd realise that (s)he does not want any hosting. (S)He wants to share files from his/her home computer. (Am I right, electricvoices?) And (s)he most certainly does not need his/her own domain name.

    Now, assuming that you have a home router that doesn't know anything about the FTP protocols.. (This would be a lot easier without a router). Also, assuming that you want to share files from your generic Windows computer and not some dedicated FTP server machine..

    On the router:
    First, you forward the FTP control port (21, TCP) to your PC. You should refer to your router's manual to see how exactly it should be done. For this to work, your computer has to be set up to use a static IP address on your LAN.
    Second, you also want to forward some ports for file transfer. This is not crucial, but if you don't do this, then you can count on 95% of people not being able to download/upload anything :)
    20 ports should do just fine unless you expect to have more than ~15 simultaneous downloaders/uploaders. It is nice to use port numbers above 50000 for your own stuff, so you forward TCP ports 50000-50020 on the router to your PC.

    On your host computer:
    You open up the FTP port (21) and the data ports (50000-50020) in your firewall. Again, Read The Friendly Manual about how to do this with your product.
    Now the tricky part.. You have to tell your FTP server program to use only these 50000-50020 ports for passive connections.
    And now the most tricky part.. You have to tell your FTP server program to use your public IP address for passive connections.
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