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Aug 30, 2003
  1. When the northeast blackout came back on all were happy except me, my compter windows xp professional didnt. The error was unmountable boot volume.
    I downloaded the 6 floppydisks and when I got to dos it wouldnt let me chkdsk. It was looking for autochk.exe. I told it to look in C:windows\system32. nothing worked.

    I bought a new computer-HP Pavilion windows home- I installed my old C hard drive and the HP asked me if I wanted to format the drive. I said no and now I cant access the drive. I went into the dos command and asked to chkdsk. Now it says the type of file system is FAT32.

    Please help. OH I took out the old C drive and installed the second drive that was in my old computer.. The HP read it fine
  2. StormBringer

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    remember this?:

    First, you should have just replied to it rather than making a new thread since this is essentially an extension of the same problem.
    Second, your problem is that you never fixed the problem with the drive.

    From what you said in your other post, all that seems to be left is to try formatting that drive. Since it is coming up incorrect, I am guessing that the boot sector may be corrupted, or at least the data there is. That is just a guess and someone may be able to help you with something I missed.

    If there is anything from the recommendations in your first post that you didn't try, or that you are unsure of, feel free to ask to have it clarified.
  3. Phantasm66

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    DON'T FORMAT!!!!!

    Boot from a windows 98 rescue disk, and run

    scandisk /all

    the copy of the FAT that your volume is using is damaged, but there are 4 copies! If you format, you will loose all that! Run scandisk instead!
  4. ivyla

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    thanks Stormbringer, I'll do that next time.

    I booted from Windows 98 disk and ran scandisk /all. It scanned my C drive, everything fine, when it went to scan my old drive it said it encountered a data error while reading the FAT on drive D. This error prevents Scandisk from fixing this drive.

    Please keep the suggestions coming I'm very desperate for the information on this drive
  5. Phantasm66

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    So you have windows xp installed on the c: drive? You should be able to run chkdsk on the d: drive anyway, even if its FAT32:-

    chkdsk d: /f

    in command prompt. If that doesn't recover it, you are looking at using Lost and Found. This is a third party commercial product, however (hmmm..!) you may be able to download it from Kazaa (or someone I know might know something... hmmm!)

    Good luck.
  6. ivyla

    ivyla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Should I still us the 98 flooy disk, to run chkdsk d: /f. Or can I do it from this new computer. My computer now has XP home, I'm trying to recover XP professional.
    Please tell me more about this third party product.

    Thank you
  7. Phantasm66

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    chkdsk would only run from Windows XP and 2000 and NT, not from anything to do with Win9x.

    Lost and Found recovers FAT32 partitions that have damaged partition tables by examining the data left on the drive, and manually rebuilding a partition table in RAM. At least, that's what I believe. Its a lot cheaper than getting a professional company to do this.

    You may be able to.... hm.... find a copy... hmm... cough!
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