File Transfer from 98 to XP

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Oct 12, 2006
  1. I am trying to transfer files from a PC running Windows 98 to a notebook running Windows XP. I almost fiddled with setting up a file sharing network between the two. Almost. The problem is, I don't know much about networking, and I'm told that the two OS's don't go together very well. Does anyone know of an alternate way? It won't recognize a jumpdrive, and it doesn't have a cd burner.
  2. Rik

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    You could just take the hard drive out of the 98 pc and get a cheap usb hard drive adapter and plug it into that!!!!
  3. Rick

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    Here's a pretty detailed guide:

    The trick may be to install NetBEUI on your Windows 98 computer, in case your problem is you can't see your XP machine over the network. Otherwise, you can just type \\name_of_XP_computer in your Windows Explorer address bar on your 98 PC and connect.

    You'll need to setup shares of course, which is very easy when using simple file sharing (on by default).
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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
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    file sharing(FS) twix XP & Win/98 works well -- I use the W/98 has a file server for

    another possibility is SSH on both machines, but FS is easier to bring up
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