Files of "Temporary Internet Files" folder cannot be deleted

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Jul 30, 2005
  1. Through IE Properties, the "Temporary Internet Files" folder cannot be emptied, neither by going directly to the folder.
    It says "No Objects" although the properties from the folder show 10.000 objects and 600 MB size!!!

    What could be the reason?
  2. Shadowfox838

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    try to right click on it and press cut the delete
  3. Kev32

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    Have you tried getting rid of them via ''My Computer''? Go to ''My Computer'' and right click on C:/ (Or whatever drive your OS is in) then select properties and select disc cleanup. From there it will load up all the unnescary files accumulating on your PC for you to delete. On my 9 yr old brothers PC he had accumulated 7.5gb of unwanted compressed files, temp files etc. Took 50 minutes to completely clean :p
  4. urbandragon

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    Reboot box into windows safe mode..
    try here.
  5. coffee4you

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  6. Liquidlen

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    I would try a Thorough Bug check with all the Anti spyware you have , and do it in safe mode.
  7. coffee4you

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  8. RealBlackStuff

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    You should really be sent into a corner, for still using IE!
    Go to and install and USE FireFox from now on.
    It's the crappy ActiveX from IE that causes all your problems.
    Disable anything with Java/VM/ActiveX in your IE-settings.
  9. Big-Z

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    Bring up the command prompt... find the folder you want to delete (ie cd\docs and settings\User\Temp Int Files\).

    Once in this directory, ctrl+alt+del and end the process explorer.exe (dont panic that everything has disappeared - make sure you leave the command prompt open).

    Now back in the command prompt (you should be in the correct dir now - temp int files) type del *.* - MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN CORRECT DIR AS THIS WILL DELETE ALL FILES IN CURRENT DIRECTORY.

    This should delete everything and when this has done it's thing, ctrl+alt+del again and under the applications tab on task manager, right click and start a new process - explorer.exe and everything should be sorted. If you've never used DOS or the command prompt then it may be an idea to consult before using the del command.
  10. TN_VOL

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    Big-Z, I've got the same problem and tried deleting the files from the command prompt and they still don't delete. I've attached a pdf of my command prompt window with the error that I get. Do you have any suggestions?


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  11. zipperman

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    How i do it

    I have used this option for years.That does it.
    You can also do it with Start Menu/System Tools/Disk Cleanup ,manually to view them.

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  12. gbhall

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    TN-vol You may have a small disk corruption. Start in safe mode and run chkdsk.

    Coffe4u As for your missing spacebar - plug/unplus keyboard a few times to clean the contacts - or buy a new keyboard.
  13. ravisunny2

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    gb, the last post by coffe4you was on 08-01-2005, at 07:38 AM.
  14. xxdanielxx

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    Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune.
    This program is for XP and Windows 2000 only

    • Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.
      Under Main choose: Select All
      Click the Empty Selected button.
    If you use Firefox browser
    • Click Firefox at the top and choose: Select All
      Click the Empty Selected button.
      NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.
    If you use Opera browser
    • Click Opera at the top and choose: Select All
      Click the Empty Selected button.
      NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.
    Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.
    For Technical Support, double-click the e-mail address located at the bottom of each menu.
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