Final Fantasy VII Remake might see a launch on Xbox/PC on March 2021

Twitter user Wario64 posted an image of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s box art on Monday, which includes a disclaimer in the lower right corner saying that it is a “Timed Exclusive until 3/3/21.” This means that if Square Enix wants to release the game to other platforms by the 2021 date, it probably already has (or has had, more likely) its studios working on the ports.

This is good news for non-PS4 gamers itching to play it, but will fans of the title really be pleased with it regardless of which platform they have?

The FF7 remake has changed quite a bit since it was first announced in at E3 2015 or at least our expectations have. Gone is the idea that it would be a faithful reproduction of the original game done up in beautiful current-generation graphics. Instead, it has turned into a series of games, with each episode focusing on a different act.

The first chapter will take place entirely in Midgar. It will have new characters, new bosses, and will spend a lot more time on developing the story of the protagonists. So it is definitely not a remake for the purists out there. It will also feature a variety of mini-games such as darts and motorcycle racing.

It’s hard to say whether this is a good or a bad move by Square Enix without seeing the finished product. It could go either way at this point.

On the one hand, if developers have found a proper balance between staying faithful to the original and bringing in some new elements, they might have a successful spinoff series.

On the other hand, if the first episode tanks, nobody is going to want to play further installments. This possibility is real, considering that each episode is going for $60 for the standard release and $80 for the “Deluxe.” The cost for the entire story could be into the hundreds of dollars compared to the $50 price tag fans paid for the original full game back in 1997.

Square Enix trying to milk it for all it is worth, is another very real pitfall. Nothing turns off fans more than corporate greed. We will have to see how good the remake is and how long we will have to wait between chapters. More importantly, how many episodes will we have to shell out for to get the whole story?

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches March 3, 2020, on PS4.

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The key is if it releases a year later for PC, does it include episode 2 at that time? Or they expect episode 2 to launch an extra year later on PC also? If they do this 3 times for each episode, they can count me out. I want clarity on the episode 2 launch timing before I buy episode 1.


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I really want it to be good and what we've seen so far might actually be worth the wait..
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Yep, providing the story is fleshed out and ends in a decent cliffhanger, it's going to be worth the price tag. For that the gameplay of the first episode really needs to aim for a greater playtime than disc one..

I wonder how they are going to cap the levelling system for each episode. the game is going to feel disappointing and a bit boring if your characters don't feel strong and 'complete' by the end of each episode.


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Yeah, sorry, I'm not paying over $200 for a complete video game (at $80 for each delux episode that is at least $240, if you dont get the delux soem of the content will be locked away). There is 0 reason this should have taken this long, or cost this much.

But Squeenix fans are second only to Apple fans, as it turns out, in the level of $$$ they will shovel into their favorite brand.


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Definitely NOT worth the wait. Will gladly warez this one when it eventually comes out and buy it via Steam or whatever years down the line. Screw that launch date.