Firefox 2 and Winzip 10 issue

By abanerji
Apr 20, 2007
  1. I upgraded from Firefox 1.5 to yesterday. Have been using winzip 10 for long ... no issues earlier.

    I keep my browser in offline mode, unless I am surfing the net. Firefox is my default browser. Previously (under 1.5), when I would click on a saved webpage inside a zipped folder, firefox would open the page (and remain offline). Now (under version 2), the same action opens firefox (in online state) with the saved webpage.

    However, winzip has been acting funny. ZoneAlarm warns me that winzip is trying to access the internet (although winzip auto-update is off), and I promptly deny permission. Once, winzip crashed.

    However, I right-clicked the same saved webpage and opened in IE 6 ... and, no issue.

    What could be happening, please?
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