Firefox and Yahoo

By vhugo2
Jan 10, 2005
  1. I have firefox set to open to yahoo mail where I have several accounts. If I open one account and then open a new firefox window, this new window will open to the first yahoo account instead of giving me the first generic page where I can type in my other account. In other words I can't leave my first account without shutting it down.
  2. vhugo2

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    i have several yahoo e-0mail accounts and I have Firefox set to open in one of them. When I try to open a new page it always goes to the inbox of the first yahoo account that I opened. This never happened with Internet Explorer. Even if I close the e-mail account page that I first opened, firefox still goes directly to the inbox of that first account when I call up a new firefox page. I simply cannot get to my other yahoo e-mail accounts with Firefox. Any suggestions, and thanks to Howard and Didou for their help with my other Firefox problem.
  3. Didou

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    You cannot log in multiple accounts in the same browser. Once you login a session will be open & any instance of the same browser will pick up that session when you load up the yahoo mail page. It is not a limitation of Firefox as the same thing will happen (as far as I know) with Opera & IE or any other browser.
  4. ryantruck

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    Same thing with internet explorer

    It does the same thing To me with internet explorer Im going to be switching to fire fox after I buy windows XP and reformat :)
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