Firefox/IE URI exploits!

By jobeard
Aug 16, 2007
  1. WOW! There's a major backdoor into every Windows system!

    It is generated by the software you install when it places entries into the registry
    to launch the program by other means than the Start->Programs route or
    double clicking on a file name. These are URI protocol entries and frankly are
    extremely questionable!

    Here's the article disclosing the issue

    Here's a site that has runs a safe for some samples on your system:

    A script that will show how many programs on your system can be exploited.

    Save the page as expliots.vbs and then go to it and just double-click the file;
    it will bring up a window showing each URI and how it is invoked.

    For myself, I launched REGEDIT and then
    1. search for the first word shown in the window
    2. open the key and keep descinding into the subkeys to find 'open'
    3. then insert '__' in between C:\\ and Program Files eg: cc:\\__Program Files
    This will retain the key if I need it later, but disable the unwanted launch by referencing an invalid location of the program
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