Web FireFox not Displaying page correctly (IE too)

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FireFox not Displaying page correctly (IE too) *fixed*


When I try to go to this page:

It doesn't display correctly, this is how it looks when I open it:

The page showed correctly once because it has a black background not white.
I'm using Firefox 1.0.4 and went back to 1.0 but that didn't work, I also tried
using IE but that did not work either.
I have deleted my cookies but that doesn't work.

Since the problem is with Firefox and IE, I guess the problem is with me because
Friends using Firefox have no problem displaying the site correctly.

Thanks anyway, bye :wave:
This may be due to your firewall, suppressing pictures by size (like Agnitum Outpost).
Perhaps there is a glitch in the Dutch version of FF?
It looks like the print-preview of the site, without the background colour.

Try to uninstall MSVM (=MS-Java) and install Sun's Java instead.

I was reading a Dutch forum earlier on, that language is completely UNsuited for computing!
I used to live in Holland until 1968, but I can't figure head or tail on the computer gibberish now.


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Yes, I know that dutch isn't a reall good language for cumputing, example:

Favourites is now called Bladwijzers, wtf? I didn't even know what baldwijzers
were until I opened it..... :giddy:

anyway to go back ontopic, I already had sun java but I never uninstalled that
MSVM since I don't know where to find it (its all so hidden).

But about that dutch thing, my friend is also using a dutch version of FF and he
doen't have any problem.


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no luck, but I've tried with another computer in the network with FF 1.0.4 and it
works fine.
EDIT: This computer also had sun java on it and probebly also MSJVM.

It must be something on my own computer, active-X maybe?

I don't know allot about web pages so if you know some other things that might
be it, please tell me :stickout: .

Thanks for the help so far realblackstuff :wave:


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seriously MCAFEE SUCKS!!! :knock:

So I got sick of the firewall, it wasn't really working anyway, I uninstalled it and
got microsoft antispyware thing.

I thought, hey lets try the IGN site again, suprisingly it showed up NORMEL :grinthumb

I can finally create and see talent builds, me so happy.

Problem: mcafee firewall
Fix: don't get the firewall....

well thanks again :wave:
In my opinion McAfee is up there with Norton: overpriced, non-working, resource-hogging bloatware.
So my first suspicion was correct!
Glad you got it sorted.
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