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First time Computer Builder asking for help

By EternalWarrior
Dec 7, 2004
  1. Hi,

    Well since i played age of empires when i was like 8, I feel in love with gaming and the machines that enabled them. I quickly picked up some PC basics but never really got real deep into it. Since then I just keep playing, using media, and surfing the web with my comp. Whenever there is a prob with my families comp. they ask me to fix it, and usually im able, though i dont always know how. to cut to the chase, you could consider me a computer noob and i just got a job and ive decided i want to build my own PC to have instead of having to use our overused family PC. Im not planning on buying everythig at once, just save up buy things one at a time till im ready to put them together.

    Like most young people, i want my PC to look cool, so ive picked out a stylish case (its the NZXT GUARDIAN GAMING MID TOWER (SILVER) W/ 400WATT RETAIL)to start with. Is this case Ok? Ill prob end up upgrading in the long run but not for awhile. I know Nothing about motherboards, videocards, soundcards, and very little about Ram and a HD(just the idea that Ram is like a "highway" for info and that the HD is a "parking lot" for info. As far as a monitor goes...my families comp has a 17" flatscreen but i know that would really jack up the price so for now im willing to settle with anything i can game on. Also id hope for a cheap surround sound but if i end up with just 2 speakers and a sub i wont cry. Im trying to keep the final price under $1000 (im not making that much right now). im sure i need other things as well, but rather than trying to be brave and say "i can handle it" ive decided to humble my nooobie **** and ask u guys for help. Thank you so much for whatever you can provide. The answer to the question "what do i want out of my PC" is that i want a comp that i can game on, save schoolwork on, and surf the web on.(my house already has a cable connection). I think ill eventually save up for an external hard drive to save digital movies, mp3's, and other high space files on.

    well im sure i appear to be an ***** when it comes to computers, and i probably am, but im willing to learn so....bring on the advice, im ready to learn.
    thanks again,

    sorry I forgot to say that i read the "tips for builders" thread but a lot of it was jibber jabber to me...
  2. foamfixer

    foamfixer TS Rookie

    Well, I've been tinkering with comps for about 5 years now, ever since I watched my friend build my first computer. Since then, I've built about 4 computers from scratch, and have taken apart and messed with my own about a million times. So, my best advice is that if you want to learn how to build a computer, get one of your friends who has experience to help you build it. Ask questions along the way, get to know what goes where and what it does. The only thing better than using a comprehensive step-by-step guide is actually watching someone else do it before you even try. Newer mobos often come with some kind of diagnostic LED system that displays a pattern depending on what kind of problem encountered during your systems POST.
    If you don't know anyone with computer know-how, buy a computer enthusiest magazine that features a step-by-step guide. Maximum PC is a good choice for that.
    Anyway, that's about all I got. Good luck. :approve:
  3. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

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