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By Shreve
Nov 7, 2003
  1. Thanks in advance for reading this post. My wife has given me the green light to build a new computer. I have typically bought pre-built but customized pcs in the past. My last new pc was in 1999. Typically, I buy high end and milk it for 3+ years with a couple of minor incremental upgrades during its lifespan. So its time for me to start again and since my wife wants my old pc, I would love to build myself a new relatively high end rig from scratch.

    Below are the parts that I've selected from as they seem to have the best prices for parts and shipping as well as a great reputation.

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+, ADA3200BOX - RETAIL, 1MB L2 Cache, 1600Mhz Bus
    Asus Motherboard for AMD Athlon 64 Processors, Model# K8V Deluxe - RETAIL
    ATI All-In-Wonder RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB DDR 8X AGP RETAIL
    CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Pro Series, Low Latency 512MB 64MX64 PC-3200LLPRO w/ Heat Spreaders - Retail
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum PCI Internal Sound Card and Front Panel I/O Drive - Retail
    LITE-ON XJ-HD166/XJ-HD 165H 16X DVD ROM Drive BLACK- OEM48X CD-ROM Access all format DVD-ROM/R/RW ,CD-ROM/R/RW title & disc
    NEC/Mitsubishi 22" CRT monitor DP2070SB-BK - Retail
    Plextor 8X DVD-RW +RW DVD Recorder - Model PX-708A/SW-BL Black Retail
    Windows XP
    Xoxide X-Viper Case with 400 watt PSU
    Already own a Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard Combo and a 5.1 Speaker and Decoder System

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these components as well as anything that a newb builder like me might be forgetting.

    Thanks again for your help
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    I would like to point you here for building tips.
    I would ask if you plan to OC, if not, I'd recommend Crucial RAM, Lots of people think Corsair is the best but Crucial has the best support and best product IMO, in the business. I'd also recommend you use an Enermax or Antec PSU. I don't know what brand comes with that case, but if it isn't a reputable brand, you may want to see if you can get it without the PSU.
  3. Nic

    Nic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,549

    The spec is good, though I'd lose the PSU and get a top brand unit, such as Enermax, or Antec, as already suggested. Be sure to check that the model you purchase is K8 compatable. As for the RAM, Corsair is top quality stuff, and expensive. Crucial make good RAM at lower prices, but I'm not sure if they do low latency (CAS2) in PC3200 flavour. According to the Crucial website, their PC3200 RAM is rated at CAS3, which is not so good. It doesn't look like you're short of cash, so I'd ditch the AIW 9800 Pro card and get the 9800XT Pro, together with a separate Hauppage WinTV-PVR-350 card. Go for IBM/Hitachi 7K250 series hard disks, as they are the fastest, and one of the quietest available.
  4. Shreve

    Shreve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well my budget for this project is just about maxed out. The 9800XT just seems too expensive for what you get. I do understand your point though.

    Thanks for the link to the building thread. I will definitely read through it.
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