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Jun 12, 2009
  1. hello everyone,
    i am new to this site and online computer help. i know how to use computers, and am fairly confident playing around with them, but i don't really know anything about computers. whenever i mess up somehow i fix it, or find a solution online. that hasn't happened this time. so, like many people i have come here for help. any would be appreciated. thank you.
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    so what is going on.
  3. Mediokrates

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    hello spehling,
    thank you for your interest. perhaps i jumped the gun. i just posted my query under "retrieving deleted files". my situation is detailed there. would you like to read it there, or shall I copy it for you?
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    this is difficult to walk you through as I am unclear what exactly you deleted, who is the administrator, does the girlfriend account have admin rights? , you indicated that you cannot access the "recycle bin" Is this because you cant find it or it does not allow you to open it? if you go to START ---> SEARCH ----> ALL FILES AND FOLDERS -----> LOOK IN DRIVE C: ------->TYPE "RECYCLE BIN" .....the recycle bin should show up. open it and restore all documents deleted. then you should run antivirus software and spyware removal such as SuperAntiSpyware. You can also run Registry Mechanic by PCtools which has proven to be helpful to me.
  5. Mediokrates

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    sorry about the delay, the computer...
    i'll answer each question in turn and comment:
    1. previous to my actions, in "user accounts" there existed 2 active admin accounts, Administrator and Girlfriend. Guest was disabled.
    currently, only Girlfriend exists as an admin account in "user accounts." this was my intent, as nothing is every done through Administrator, and i saw no reason for a second admin account
    2. the "recycle bin" icon still exists on the desktop. no information is available and it cannot be opened. this is the same from "windows explorer" and even from 'browse' in the "search" option you suggested. the search option will not find the "recycle bin" so from this perspective it would appear that in deleting the user account folder from "docs & settings" I may have deleted the recycle bin?
    3. prior to this to clean the infection I had run malwarebytes, and spybot,but fully updated, in both safety and standard modes, then run windows one live care protection scanner. multiple times, hence going in and out of safety and standard modes repeatedly.
    any ideas? thanks again and please be patient with me

    hi spehling, if you or anyone is interested, i have worked a partial solution so far that has fixed the following issues:
    1. i can now access the Administrator account in safe mode, and the computer appears to work almost perfectly in this mode.
    2. i was able to access the Recycle Bin, and retrieve the the deleted user profile.

    this was done by copying the All Users. Windows account profile folder, and renaming it Administrator.GIRLFRIEND.LAP_TOP, all within the "documents and settings" folder. I was logged in the Girlfriend account.

    the previously existeing copy of this folder, which I mentioned above was small in size, was a partial copy of All Users, as remember I caused this whole problem by deleting the original Administrator.GIRLFRIEND.LAP_TOP folder and was unable to retrieve it from the Recycle Bin. I moved this folder to another folder.

    I then rebooted the computer in safe mode and the computer loaded the Administrator account. it did indicate that the settings had been lost or corrupted but then used default settings to open. as we had never altered this accounts defaults this was fine. the Recycle Bin opened, and I returned the deleted Administrator.GIRLFRIEND.LAP_TOP folder to an alternate folder.

    rebooted the computer in safe mode again, entering the Girlfriend account this time. things were still slow in this mode. I then removed the copy of Administrator.GIRLFRIEND.LAP_TOP that I had created as a copy from All Users.Windows from the "Docs & Settings" folder, and returned the original Administrator.GIRLFRIEND.LAP_TOP folder to its place in Docs & Settings.

    hope that makes sense.

    restarted in safe mode again, in Administrator account. this time it opened perfectly, and the account seems to work.

    the remaining issue is that the settings for the Girlfriend account have still not restored themselves, and the computer is still running slow. maybe a little faster than before, while logged in this account.
    i'm not sure if this is an issue, but while I can now enter the Administrator account in safe mode, no Administrator Account exists in "User Accounts." the only accounts there are the active Girlfriend admin account, and the disabled Guest.

    Any ideas how to restore the saved settings for the Girlfriend admin account, or would it be easier to start a new account? I have still not enabled system restore.
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