Flash animated buttons not loading

By dobby
Feb 16, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I have a website that we run through a program from our school called RM easylink. I know that it is with a **** company but...
    Well the science department have come up with the idea of creating a website where students can access their homework from home using this easylink program.
    Well everything works fine in school on the intranet where the site is located, try accessing it from out side of school sing easylink with is a secure webite connection into school, and then the flash animated buttons do not work. Any ideas on why?
  2. N3051M

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    from the info above, (not specific on setup and such), and not being familiar on how easylink ticks, the links/source files might be pointing to a local folder in your intranet rather than as being relative to the root

    <src=''z:/intranet folder/website/pictures/whatever.extension''> yadayada yada </src>

    which is sposed to look like so:

    <src="/pictures/whatever.extension> yada yada yada </src>

    with respective correct tags and flash enbedment of course..

    reason being that while you're in the intranet you can access all network/server folders and files, while outside(internet) are ristricted by (hopefully) a firewall and other devices that will mask your network and the person that is using the i.net to get to the files, the browser will try to locate it within the user's own network (going from the example "z:/intranet/...../", which doesn't exist)
  3. dobby

    dobby TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thhanks for that information, since i have lost wrote about this problem, we have tested the site on another of our ict technicans computers at home. It works fine on theres which is an Apple Mac, but it still wont work on the windows computers. So i do not believe that it could be a source error or otherwise the apple computer would not be able to access it. That is if im am thinking along the correct lines?

    The only other options it could be is that there is a setting that has to be checked in IE to enable .swf files over a secure http proctocal, Does anybody know what option this is? and if i am thinking in the correct direction?

    Please help me
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