Flash problems (I think)

By goodhorsehymn
Nov 16, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I've got a fresh install of XP (using the 'TinyXP' distribution), with just Zone Alarm and Firefox installed on top. I've installed Flash and Shockwave too.

    Some elements of webpages do not load properly in either IE or Firefox. They are mainly adverts (never mind eh?) but also some flash players, like the MySpace music player that is embedded in some pages. Please see attached image.

    I can't work out why these would not load up properly.


    Is there anything that could be disabled in this XP distribution that might stop this from working? Flash installs fine, and some flash files show up. I've installed the latest DirectX too.

    TinyXP states that this was removed to reduce filesize:

    Removed Components...

    Applications... no applications were removed!

    Drivers... no drivers were removed!

    Hardware Support... no hardware support was removed!

    Keyboards... no keyboards were removed!

    All languages are removed except UK and USA English (90.00Mb)

    Images and Backgrounds (Game controller images and wallpapers) were removed (3.36Mb)
    Luna Theme (XP's Default Theme) was removed (0.61Mb)

    MSN Explorer was removed (18.80Mb)

    Operating System Options...
    Microsoft .NET Framework was removed (12.22Mb)
    Help was removed (23.0Mb)
    Manual Install and Upgrade was removed (44.00Mb)
    Search Assistant was removed (5.55Mb)
    Tour was removed (17.46Mb)

    Beep Driver was removed (0.002Mb)
    Indexing Service was removed (6.36Mb)

    DOCS folder was removed (0.007Mb)
    SUPPORT folder was removed (12.36Mb)
    VALUEADD folder was removed (9.88Mb)


    Any clues as to why these webpages are not loading up correctly?

    Many thanks for your help,
  2. goodhorsehymn

    goodhorsehymn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmm, I've just also spotted this, as a 'feature':

    Web Page Advert Blocking "the hardcore way" (HOSTS File)

    I'm guessing that's probably the cause...and I doubt there's anyway of easily reversing that...

    Time to look for a better XP distribution I think :)
  3. goodhorsehymn

    goodhorsehymn TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Seems that the HOSTS file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc had been preprogrammed to block a lot of stuff. I just deleted the contents of the file.

    Mods...feel free to delete my auto-ramble :)
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