flashed bios problem

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Jan 2, 2006
  1. I have recently updated my bios and think, well, know, that I have used the wrong version (stupid I know) and now all I get when I boot is, well, nothing, the pc wont boot, is there any way of recovering or is it dead. The mobo is a P4 Titan series Gigabyte GA-81848p-g.

    Further to that if I have to get another mobo any suggestions on a decent replacement, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nodsu

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    There are online services that will send you a new ROM chip with the correct BIOS.
    You can also use a ROM chip from an identical motherboard - ask a decent ("decent" as in "has knowledgeable staff and actually cares about you") computer shop near you.
    And of course you can reprogram you own ROM chip too if you find someone or someplace with an EEPROM programming device.

    All this assuming that the ROM chip on your move actually is removable. Some of those are soldered to the mobo and in that case you also need someone who is really good with a soldering iron :p
  3. Ruder

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    The costs involved with recovery will be high. Rather buy a new board.
  4. nork

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    With some mobo mfgrs you can fix this. Check gigabytes website for info and also contact them, they may be able to help you.
    Never hesitate to contact the mfgr, often get good results.

    Let me tell you about the last time for me. I bought an MSI NEO2, at the time a totally cool mobo. I installed it in the case, all was well, then i installed my dvd burner and the end of the burner barely touched the mobo but it knocked off the teeniest, tiniest, chip you could imagine, you can barely see it. Killed the mobo dead. I emailed MSI, told them the truth and they sent me a new mobo. My only cost was that I had to mail them the bad one, the one that i broke by not paying attention.
    And i can tell you more stories too about mobo mfgrs making it right!
    So its often worth to contact them!
  5. silent111

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    Thanks for advice guys will try Gigabyte website :slurp:
  6. Nodsu

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    The cost of ordering the BIOS from an online service.. $20-$30 maybe (plus shipping).
    "Borrow" an identical free motherboard. Free from a friend, 1 hour service free if you use a repair shop.
    Reprogram your own ROM chip. 1 hour service free from an electronics shop. Free, if you can use/borrow the programming device for free.
    Soldering job. Free if you have a friend. 1 hour fee if you use some service.

    1 hour used here because more often than not it is the minimum fee and it accounts for any mishaps.
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