flashing a7v266e

By zdooderspa
Mar 14, 2003
  1. New to this forum and flashing - hoping you can shed some light here as I'm trying to learn.
    System running W2k-pro with no problems, but I can only clock cpu at 1250Mhz (normal would be 1666 but system wont boot at that speed) - bios only allows for 1250 & 1666 auto select.
    Figured it was bios limitation so trying to prepare for upgrade cpu I tried to flash from 1004b to 1011. flash went fine, correct revison showed in boot and was able to boot into windows but when running SOME internet programs (GR, kazzaa, roger wilco for examples) system would lock and had to be rebooted. Mozilla w/downloads work fine, as do trillian and ping. I was able to run GR local (didnt try RW)
    Flashed back to 1004b and all works fine (just like original anyway. :D ) I have never overclocked on this board.
    Anyone have any ideas? Am I correct in assuming the bios has to be rated for the cpu? ie. the 1004b bios is rated to 1.4Ghz so it wont allow full potiential of XP2000+.
    Thanks for any help

    a7V266E rev1.07E w/1004b bios
    AMD XP2000+
    512Mb PC 2100
    nVidia Ti 4600
    Maxtor 120Gb
    Volcano 7
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Try out this site -> www.a7vtroubleshooting.com

    I have a 2000+ myself & am running a 1011 BIOS with no problems. Before that I was running the 1004 BIOS on a 1700+.

    What temps do you get from the CPU when it's running at 2000+ ( 1666mhz ) ?
  3. zdooderspa

    zdooderspa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply...
    I checked the referenced site, jumpers are already set as recommended (palomino) - but dont remember changing them from default. Also, good info about the importance of mobo revisions including the "." in the revision - mine is revision "1.07." :D
    Regarding heat, mobo is running @ 30C and cpu at 79C in idle condition (reading from cmos) but note running at 1250Mhz - system will not boot when bios is set to 1666 ( didnt set the Mhz to 1666 and check as currently its not useable that way anyway.)

    My concern here is that I cant just go buy another CPU, install it and get the rated performance. :confused:
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