Floppy formating let system choppy until 100%

By ivanrolim
May 14, 2003
  1. I use win98, and I am learning assembly language....but nothing appears to reveal the main thing.....why floopy disks still use pooling mechanism to get formatted inside windows? Is there a way
    to control its DMA or IRQ that could let formatting in the background smoother?

    Old drive controllers use to have its own settings that cannot be optimized anymore :(.... in the past years, windows 3.1 used pooling with 100% dedicative mode, that is.... rather than choppy process handling, the entire system lock up until finishing formatting task.

    I use GRDUW to format 1.72 disks. I love this program but it´s an example of a poor ´pooling´ mechanism.

    Let´ discuss it.... thanks! :)
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