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Apr 26, 2005
  1. I'm looking for something, maybe an adapter, or some type of sound card, I'm not really sure, that would be able to recieve FM radio signals and send them through my computer to listen to over my speakers or record stuff, using Audacity for example. I would like to be able to record Howard Stern and I've also realized thatI could just record songs off the radio onto my computer, and even though they won't be the best quality, it will be safer than trying to download illegally. I realize that I can simply hook an external radio into my Line-In port on my audio card and do it that way, but I'm wondering if there is a simple way. Is there some sort of PCI card or adapter that would recieve FM radio signals? If you have any suggestions as to an easy way to do what I want to do, feel free to leave some input. Thanks for your help.
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    Ya that looks like it would work great. The only pain is that the FM antenna is optional (I'm pretty sure, at least that what it says on KWORLD's website for most of their products), but thats a minor detail, especially considering the cost of the card is quite cheap. Also, I looked it up and Radioshack sells FM antennas for $4.29 and up, depending on the signal strength I need. Thanks for the help.
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    no proble, good luck i ur search for a fm\ tv tuner
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    The antenna wires are shown in the pics on Neweggs site. Email them to make sure. The pic on the manufacturers site looks like it has a port for a coaxial FM cable which is optional.
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    I have a old tv tunercard from 1995 (revel tv500), in their products booklet, there is a old ISA fm/am radio tuner card.
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