For $15 a month, you can watch live TV from Comcast online

By Gabe Carey ยท 6 replies
Nov 12, 2015
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  1. [parsehtml]<p><img src="" /></p> <p>Back in July, Comcast revealed a $15-per-month Internet TV service without the previously latched-on cable plan requirement. The catch? You need to be a Comcast high-speed Internet subscriber to access it.</p> <p>If you already fit that requirement, however, you may find this deal to be worth the conservative asking price. Stream, as the Xfinity-branded mass media overlord calls it, gives Internet users access to &quot;about a dozen networks,&quot; including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and even HBO. Additionally, users can watch &quot;thousands&quot; of on-demand movies and TV shows in addition to a unique cloud DVR service to record and watch live broadcasts from virtually any device.</p> <p>The subscription will initially only be available in the Greater Boston area, which consists of eastern Massachussetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, according to the <a href="">Boston Business Journal</a>. For the rest of the United States, Stream will make its way to you beginning next year.</p> <p>While Stream is confined to a few select channels, can only be used in the subscriber&#39;s home, and requires a subscription to one of Comcast&#39;s pricey Internet plans, it could be a great way for those of us with no other options to take part in live TV and on-demand content from subsidized networks.</p> <p>For the same price as, say, HBO Now, it may be worth it for those already sucked in to Comcast&#39;s monopolistic ISP practices.</p><p><a rel='alternate' href='' target='_blank'>Permalink to story.</a></p><p class='permalink'><a rel='alternate' href=''></a></p>[/parsehtml]
  2. seefizzle

    seefizzle TS Evangelist Posts: 335   +199

    How about online streaming for channels served up ala carte? This would be the holy grail. Only having to pay for what you actually use? How about 15 bucks a month for streaming any 5 channels you choose? That's a deal I'd pay for.
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  3. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,996   +1,317

    Id rather have netflix and hulu than give comcast more money than they already have.
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  4. Hulu? They're not getting another dime from me!
  5. Mandark

    Mandark TS Booster Posts: 76   +22

    They just can't read the writing on the wall. This model STINKS. Cable and Broadcasting are dying fast. Adapt or DIE Comcrap.
  6. mctommy

    mctommy TS Addict Posts: 215   +38

    Not gonna happen without restrictions... that's because ESPN charges Cable/Satellite providers way more than other channels.
  7. Phr3d

    Phr3d TS Guru Posts: 404   +84

    A la carte is already happening, it's called cutting the cord because the fees you pay for a couple Not Sports channels that you watch is plain unjustifiable.
    Cable if ya' gots ta have your live sports fix, else? Not cable.
    Sports junkies are in for a hella wake up call as their demand for Everything live has a payment due date, and when everyone has Left the cableopoly for 'Please.. Anything But' cable, they'll be paying the entire bill, rather than getting help from their friends as has been the case for decades. No one has Ever wanted 60% of the channels Ever, Ever, oh Gawd EVER, Many have wanted 20% of the channels, and the few have NEEDED 5% of the channels, hehe. The need group is in for a rude awakening, IMHO.

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