For those that don't go Liquid.....

By Fitz58
Sep 8, 2005
  1. I like many others have been a long time AMD user and fanatic,and an avid oc'er so the solution to the heat is something that we all are constantly working on.I myself am on a budget and am a bit weary of the liquid colling solution,as I have heard of problems(yet still solutions)with condensation.So in my search for alternatives the best I've came up with is HeatPipe Technology,this technology has been around for more than 60 yrs.It is quite simple in design and can be used passivly or actively,here is a site that explains the concept and applications:
    As a personal testimonial I first used one 2 yrs ago on my Athlon Xp 2200+
    which was running idle at 107F with the Thermalright SLK-900(1lb of copper)and a highspeed 80mm fan.Then with the introduction of the heatpipe H/S
    its idle temp dropped to 100F!
    Since this discovery all the systems I build for people I know will be stressing them have this type of h/s on them.
    The specs for the hardware that I'm using now are in my Sig.I currently now idle at around 96F thats with 2 80mm fans and 1 90mm fan on the h/s
    (I took the cover off to do the 3 fan attach),and running a small free app.called CPUCool.I've recently ordered a CoolerMaster CoolViva VHC-L61 for my video card and ordered a Thermaltake Extreme Giant III A1919 for my Son Inlaws 9800 256mb Pro.,I will let you know ofthe results from these products.
    So inconclusion for someone on a budget(and with conserns about liquid cooling)the way to go is Heatpipe technology.
    AthlonXP 3000+ 400mhz SilentTower (CL-P0025)
    SY-KT880 Dragon 2 v2.0
    Elixor PC3200 2/512,2/256mbDDR Dual channel
    Saphire 9600 256mb
    HDD's:4= 255gig
    1 CD-RW/DVD rom,1 DVD-RW
    Monitor:Gem gl1920b
    Case:4FANS.680w Dual fan PSU.
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