Force Feedback question

By BlueGlow
Aug 22, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I really only need to find out if my Logic 3 Rumblepad is meant to be so strong with the Rumble effects and whether or not its possible to lessen the power of it, I find it too strong and it seems to rumble almost constantly when driving, is this normal for this particular pad? I played X3 Reunion with it and to be fair to it it did'nt rumble constantly, but did rumble when turning or pitching.

    I have no understanding of the in game options for mostly racing games ie Toca 3 Race Driver and GT Legends, the options say what they are but don't really explain what the effect would be........I installed it exactly as it said in the manual, install driver first then reboot if told to, I wasn't by the way, but did in anycase, and then plugged the pad in and went to the calibration screen to test it, there was a slider in there that was automatically set to 100............but when I tried to turn it down several notches, as soon as I quit and went back, the thing had reset to 100..............please can anyone help as I feel lost as to what to do

    Many thanks

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