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Jan 6, 2006
  1. Hello

    A search didn't yield any helpful results. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum.

    I recently purchased a new laptop, it is a Toshiba w/ Windows XP home. I hadn't purchased a new computer in years and was apalled when I started it up and found junk software, arroware, possible spyware, and over a dozen miscellaneous trial software programs pre-installed on my system. I have assessed the situation and found that distinguishing between the unnecessary and necessary software (drivers and other stuff I want) would not only take hours, but also simply using the uninstall feature doesn't remove a lot of these trial versions. Getting rid of this stuff will take a lot of time.

    So for those of you who have experienced this, is formatting the harddrive a reasonable solution? I have a copy of Windows XP PRO that I used on my old system which I would use if I were to do this. My main concern is that I may have a problem finding the correct drivers for my laptop or that any special software that comes with the system I might want I will miss out on. It would have been extremely helpful if Toshiba had included some sort of list of the software that comes pre-installed so that I can decide what's worth saving and what I don't want.

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    that is kind of like dealing with a cocroach problem by torching your house to get rid of them.
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    The drivers are the same for XP Home and Xp Pro and all Toshiba-specific things are available for download on their website.

    Perhaps you also got some CDs with your laptop containing Windows XP itself and all the additional programs?
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    it's not hard to do as long as you can get to all the drivers...I helped a friend install all the drivers back on his Dell after he had exactly the same reaction you did ;-)

    In Dell's case, it's pretty easy...their driver downloads on their web site are pretty much point and click...j

    Also be aware that you'll have to go through some silly registration procedure w/ MS because all the hardware is different for that XP key that you're trying to move. It's best to use the XP key that came w/ the laptop unless it's crappy XP Home...
  5. Dok

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    All that really came with it is the copy of Windows XP Home and a Toshiba recovery disk. But yeah I'm planning on checking out the recovery disk to see if it has any additional programs.

    I appreciate the advice guys :wave:
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