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May 25, 2006
  1. I'm using another computer right now, cuz i formatted my computer, it goes through the formatting process perfectly but during the process after it finishes formatting,( the part where it says "if the screens goes blank,do not turn off" and there is a 10 minute countdown) it either freezes or crashes,I'm guessin I have to buy a new hard drive, i may be wrong, any help would be great because I'm a fuse away from stickin a roman candle and a pack of black cat in the drives
  2. Nodsu

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    the problem with that is I can't even get on the computer, after the black windows XP's screen comes up it reboots because the computer freezes before the computer could finish formatting
  4. piklemeup

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    so you can't get into safe mode?
  5. Nodsu

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    Quite apparently you can use a computer since you are posting here. I never suggested you use the broken computer to download UBCD.

    And you obviously didn't even bother to find out what UBCD is, since otherwise you'd know that it is a bootable CD and nothing needs to be installed on the computer under test.

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    I checked it out, downloaded it and burned it to a CD, i used it but I got nothing,is it suppose to run on startup, or somethin?
  7. iss

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    it will boot on start up as long as you have the cd as first boot device in the bios.

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    Now I got a new fking problem, now the somputer wont start, the fan runs, and thats it
  9. kirock

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    Maybe all along you're having PSU problems. Fans running and no POST means dead CPU, dead mobo, or dead 5Volt output on the PSU. Which one would you like to have? Are you getting any beeps with that black screen?
  10. PISSED

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    no.... no beeps, but i can hear the PSU fan
  11. Tedster

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