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Apr 7, 2007
  1. Hello All, I have 2 hard drive, my 1 hard drive is Partitioned in two, C drive and D drive , My first question is can I format just the D drive without damaging the C drive? how ?

    The secound quietion is My secound hard drive is only partitioned to one drive E drive haw can I split the hard drive to two or three partition? and do I have to format first before spliting it?
    I thank you for your help.
  2. greatman05

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    Well, for starters, you can format the D: partition without damaging the C: partition. They are treated as two separate drives. As for the second question, you might want to get a partition manager like Acronis Disk Director and see if that works for splitting your E: drive into multiple partitions.
  3. visch1

    visch1 TS Rookie

    Over the years I've had excellent results with Partition Magic.
  4. raybay

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    Partition Magic is a pain because it is only good for year. Acronis is good, as is System Commander. You can also boot to a floppy W98 boot, then format as FAT. Use Windows disc to reformat as NTFS
  5. visch1

    visch1 TS Rookie

    Pardon me: "Partition Magic is a pain because it is only good for year." Now that's news to me! Got my PM 8.0 when I was using PM7. Now how many years was that- 5-7,8? What happens to it that I'm not aware of? Was using mine when 10G drives were big, yesterday used it to partition a 500G sata.
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