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Formidable file encryption?

By Spike
Feb 7, 2004
  1. I just picked this code up from one of the 'just linux' forums (they haven't answered my 2.6.2 kernel problem yet, so the question still stands! :D)

    Anyway's, this code is quoted as being an encryption system the government couldn't crack.

    I don't understand the code, but I can see that it's encrypted in 5 passes, which has got to be cpu time/memory hungry!!!

    go on, have a stab. What kind of system could run this and still play a game in full screen at high res? lol

    what do you guys think of it?

    dd if=/dev/random of=/somefile-1 bs=1M count=1024
    losetup -e blowfish /dev/loop1 /somefile-1
    mke2fs /dev/loop1
    mount /dev/loop1 /mnt/chain1
    cd /mnt/chain1
    dd if=/dev/random of=/somefile-2
    losetup -e serpent /dev/loop2 /chain1/somefile-2
    mke2fs /dev/loop2
    mount /dev/loop2 /mnt/chain2
    cd /mnt/chain2
    dd if=/dev/random of=/somefile-3
    losetup -e cast128 /dev/loop3 /chain2/somefile-3
    mke2fs /dev/loop3
    mount /dev/loop3 /mnt/chain3
    cd /mnt/chain3
    dd if=/dev/random of=/somefile-4
    losetup -e rijndael /dev/loop4 /chain3/somefile-4
    mke2fs /dev/loop4
    mount /dev/loop4 /mnt/chain4
    cd /mnt/chain4
    dd if=/dev/random of=/somefile-5
    losetup -e twofish /dev/loop5 /chain3/somefile-5
    mke2fs /dev/loop5
    mount /dev/loop5 /mnt/chain5
    cd /mnt/chain5
  2. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +7

    Actually, yours could. Running Linux. Processor and memory requirements satisfied, of course ;)

    I have a fair idea what's happening above.

    Essentially, there's a series of loopbacks being setup with the same data being passed through these different encryption algorithms.

    dd copies and converts files - and data to and from files - so that, for example:

    dd if=/dev/hda1 of=mydiskimage

    would copy all of first partition on first hard drive, byte for byte, into a file called mydiskimage.

    losetup sets up a loopback device. the -e switch ensures that encryption is used.

    mke2fs creates a file system on the specified device. Basically its make a file system, encrypt it, make another file system and copy the old data into that, encrypt that, and so forth.

    Basically, what its showing you is that its possible to create extremely strong encryption by combining industry standard encryptions together.
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Anything can be cracked given the time. And things will be a lot easier if the cracking party got ahold of that script so they see what algorithms and in what order you use.

    And I doubt anyone would want to run their main filesystem off such crypto loops. It would be a small virtual file system set aside for sensitive data.
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