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By tourist
Jan 15, 2003
  1. Hello everyone, I have been reading your posts for sometime now and find it helpful, your boards are in my favorites list I wanted to thank you, and ask what is involved with running a forum, is it a pain, how much time does it take, what software\programs are needed? I was thinking if its not too much trouble I would like to have a little home town forum. anyway thankyou.
  2. poertner_1274

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    Thank you for the compliments...I'd say we take some pride in being informative in helping others with their problems.

    As far as running the forum I can't tell you much, except you will need a place to host it (Usually from a company that will provide you with a computer and fast connection to handle the traffic), as well as some software to run the forum. Here we use VBulletin, but there are many others to choose from.

    Maybe you can PM someone that replies to this thread with a little knowledge about setting up a forum and they can help you do it :)

    BTW Good to see you registered, hope you can help others while you are here.
  3. Phantasm66

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    thanks for your compliments.

    this isn't really the answer to your question, however I would like to talk about what i feel is enjoyable and what is NOT about moderating or running a forum.

    pains include:

    1)Reading that some kid has posted bad words and having to delete / edit posts which is boring
    2)Finding posts in the wrong section
    3)Finding posts repeated
    4)A post where someone is so completely thick that they need everything done for them, you explain it clear as mud and they still mess it up
    5)Posts where someone is wrong but posts as if they are right, and does not listen to reason that they are wrong
    6)Randomly annoying people, who can be so because of racism, sexism, general ignorance or are just completely and utterly weird.
    7)People who constantly go way off the general topic of computers and post all this crap about their dreams, their problems with their g/f, stories about their dog. I am not here to be a substitute for friends.
    8)Unclear posts, where someone is so mixed up that you almost have to go back and explain basic principals in order to get them to their answers. Often, you need the person who has posted with their problem to supply you with some information, often fairly basic in nature (i.e. partitioning scheme, hardware specs, etc) and when they don't know how to get this it can be like pulling teeth.
    9)People who post unregistered. Often this is someone you already know, who just wants to be nasty or cheeky and not be identified. How sad can you get?
    10)Periods of time where there is little or no forum activity, and you check the forums to see that no one has posted anything really interesting at all.....

    That said, I would not spend lots of time here if it were not for some really great plus points. These are:

    1)Helping someone to find an answer for themselves. I feel like I have scored a goal or as you guys would say a touch down.
    2)Having genuinely interesting conversation with other intelligent computer buffs, some of whom can become your real friends.
    3)Building a strong community of computer users who share similar facets of interest with you, i.e computer gaming, 3d graphics, up to date hardware, hardware mods, operating systems, cooling, overclocking, etc....
    4)Finding answers to your own questions.
    5)Having something to read any time you are bored.
    6)Helping others to increase their computing knowledge to the stage where they can in turn be useful to other people.
    7)Finding information that you did not know. Yes, believe it or not this even happens to me sometimes! ;)
    8)Keeping up to date with the latest computing developments.
    9)Getting an e-mail months after you posted something from someone who just read it and it helped them.
    10)Friendly "argument".
  4. Mr.Guvernment

    Mr.Guvernment TS Rookie Posts: 77

    depends on what i want

    VB u need

    MySQL database
    and a web server such as apache or IIS.

    u may need your own web host - i run a test forum off my computer for putting in hacks and such - it is fairly easy to set up.

    other forums:

    phpBB - Free
    UBB - ultimate bulletin board - cost $$
    Invision - free
    YaBB - free

    and many other variations out there.

    Phantasm66, u got it - it has it's pro's and con's - it all depends as well on how big a forum u get going. - but yeah, even small ones have their brain dead people who can not read rules!!!
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