Fotomoto and virtumonde

By don t
Dec 26, 2007
  1. I have random browser windows opening whenever I am online. After a few broswer windows a windows look alike box opens telling me to click to fix slow browsing problems etc. I have installed windows defender and it keeps finding fotomoto. I also have Spybot search and destroy and it keeps finding and deleting virtumonde. It also had found smitfraud and I used smitfraudfix to delete it along with AVG anti-spyware. I saw a previous post here and went ahead and ran combofix and am attaching the logs from combofix and hijackthis. I am assuming the next steps depend on what these logs say so I can not continue to follow the previous post on fotomoto.
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    these forums are new to me so please don't assume I know anything. I have been searching and reading the last couple of days. Thanks
  2. don t

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    further review

    ok, after my first post I read through some additional post and discovered that I was supposed to follow a 15 step process. I believe i'm suppose to open a new thread with the results
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