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Found this decent site

By British_Command
Aug 14, 2008
  1. Ok let me explain 'free rewards' thing because most people will just think of this as 'spam', well I came across it because I'm bored in the summer
    not much to do so as you do you surf the web just looking at videos on youtube etc. Well I never listen to these 'FREE STUFF'advertisements but this video I saw on youtube explained the concept to me and gave proof of people actually receiving their rewards like consoles (360, PS3 and WII), games, xbox live points and live cards, other accessories like controllers, memory cards and cables etc.

    Moving onto how you actually 'earn' these 'free rewards', basically you sign up through the link I have supplied here : http://www.tinyurl.com/callofduty5
    once you have signed up (using your real details here because you will be sent the rewards). Sign in and now click on 'Available offers' on the left hand side of the screen, now start to click on offers and fill them in, you have to use your real address (DO NOT WORRY you will hardly ever get junk mail, think of it why would they send you something by mail which is going to cost them if your most likely to chuck it away) but for email address you usually have to change to recieve the points (especially on the UKPRIZEDRAW offers), so just type in xxxxx@yahoo.com, where the x's are just type any combination of letters.
    I recommend doing the UKPRIZEDRAW offers as all you have to do is fill in the basic details and say 'no' to all the other offers (press 'ALT' and '+' to automatically say 'no' to all the additional offers). I also recommend downloading ROBOFORM as you can just simply tap a button which automatically fills in all the fields, making the survey filling alot more quick and efficient.

    Now how much points do you earn per offer and how much points are rewards, ok reward points differ per survey, they usually range between 0.5 - 2pts per survey and they roughly take 2 - 5 mins to finish AND you should leave the survey site open once completed until you have recieved the points for that survey, make sure to also delete cookies after every survey.

    An brand new xbox 360/PS3/Wii game usually ranges from 50 - 60 points, a 360 console is around 300 points, a PS3 is 400 points and a Wii is 250 points. You can also get microsoft points and xbox live cards as well as being able to make a custom order from amazon or ebay buy-it-now items. Considering I've already made 23.65 points in 3 days!

    Trust me it's 100% legitimate and it works, also check the forum out to see what prizes people have recieved!

    Need any help? Contact me : twdominator@hotmail.com

    Once again, sign up through this link :


    (I've done the link through tinyurl because it's easier, it will link to the rewards sign up site)


    I've been signed up years to this site and love the helpful forums, may not have posted that much and wouldn't want to put my account at risk of ban, I know you know the link is a referall link and that you probably already know of this site but people who don't please check it out.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Direct quote from Sekonda, (the original poster)

    Hmm, No. I don't like any spam thankyou!
  3. sifarman

    sifarman TS Rookie

    is this kinda post allowed on such a wonderfull site??

    I am surprised that such spam filled stuff is allowed on such a wonderful site! too bad.
    BTW, for all the Glorification of that spam site, have you personally won anything atall? I mean anything?!?!?!
  4. cenner

    cenner TS Rookie

    Thanks. But agreed, too much junk.
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