Foxconn K7S741MG-6L doesn't boot after installing RAM and disabling floppy drive

By chr0nik
Apr 8, 2007
  1. Hi, I was trying to install an extra 1GB ram stick into my brother's foxconn K7S741MG-6L (he had 1GB already) and the motherboard detected both sticks as 1.5GB and then it said that the floppy disk wasn't connected, so I went to the BIOS and disabled the floppy drive and now the mobo won't go past the logo screen and it freezes. I've tried changing the ram to other sticks but the same thing happens.

    Can anybody help me because this is my brother's computer and he doesn't know that it is not working.

  2. Nodsu

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    Have you tried going back to only 1 GB?
  3. jeffkrol

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    Doesn't seem to like the new memory, It's probably the "high density" vs low Density thing...
    From the MB manual (for whatever it's worth):
    Supports PC3200/PC2700/PC2100
    Supports 64/128/256/512 Mb technology up to 2 GB
    Supports PC2700/PC2100
    Supports 64/128/256/512 Mb technology up to 2 GB
    As to the floppy drive, you probably have to disable "floppy drive seek" or "halt on floppy drive error" in the BIOS...Opp's saw that you did attempt this part... I'd check the BIOS a bit more, and it could be locking out the change due to antivirus settings. If all else fails reset CMOS.....
    You can clear CMOS to restore default system setting. To clear the CMOS, follow
    the procedures described below.
    1. Turn off the AC power supply and connect pin 1 and 2 together using the jumper cap. Note: I'd unplug the thing, not just flick the power supply switch)

    2. Return the jumper setting to normal (pin2 and 3 together with the jumper cap).
    3. Turn the AC power supply back on.
    Jumpere is to the left and above the round battery. Should be labeled CLS_CMOS
  4. Tedster

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    did you read the upgrading ram guide in the guides forum?
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