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FPS Issues within World of Warcraft

By Lunch[box]
Oct 26, 2006
  1. Hey everyone, new here but from the looks of things I may be able to find a little help with this issue. While playing World of Warcraft I run around 20 FPS with any movement on the screen, 30 while still. This is fine for general situations, but when in a raid with 39 others I'm dropping as low as 5 FPS at times and getting lagged out. I'm also having the same problem if I attempt to record in-game footage using Fraps; my FPS drops to the 2-8 range.

    My PC build:

    Abit VIA PT880-VT7
    P4 2.6Ghz 800Mhz FSB
    2gb DDR400 Ram
    Visiontek ATI Radeon X1300 512mb DDR
    7200RPM IDE Hard drives

    At this point I'm looked through all the video settings for the card, BIOS, and in-game and have not been able to increase my FPS more than just a few points. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, this is the first time I've needed to worry about my FPS while gaming so I'm having to learn as I go.

  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    A few things:
    1) 4-10 fps with FRAPS recording is pretty normal given your system. You need a really high-end PC for realtime encoding to DISK using FRAPS. You can reduce some recording settings to better match your hardware if need be.

    2) Ensure you have dual-channel working with your memory. Download CPU-Z and run this looking at it's memory tab to see if dual-channel is enabled.

    3) Your X1300 is a very, very low-end 3d card. An upgrade would be highly recommended for games like WoW unless you really reduce all the settings and play at low-res.
  3. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    WoW runs pretty well on integrated, so ANY non integrated videocard should be able to manage about 20 FPS on max settings on WoW... it really doesn't take much.
  4. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Well, 99% of integrated graphics cards do NOT support shaders whereas the X1300 does, but has insufficient horsepower to truly support them.

    The X1300 is also a "Hypermemory" card, which means it will, by default, use shared videomemory over the PCI-E bus. This gives it the "worst of both worlds" lol.

    So, you're comparing a shader-less DirectX 5.0-6.0 path of the game to a Shader-rich DirectX 9.0 path. Without some very complicated direct3d tweakers could you make the X1300 show-up as featureless as integrated graphics to get that lowest level of quality to configure.

    You can disable a lot of junk in the video options but not all. The rest of the settings unavailable to the user are sensed by the CAP's list call in Direct3D.

    An 8500/9200 or 9550 series card with WoW will default to the shader path also and therefore can suffer very low performance this way. The only option is to:
    a) Upgrade the videocard
    b) Go into options and turn all the DirectX 9.0 stuff off (shaders, smoothing, etc.etc.)
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