FPS loss in CS...

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Apr 10, 2004
  1. FPS loss in CS... tried everything!

    Off hand I just want you to know that I read all the threads regarding this topic in this forum all ready to no avail. On top of that I have tried every tweak I could find. I am very familiar with console commands and using cfg files. My computer specs are not spectacular (see below) but have never had problems until recently. Also I am running on a CABLE modem with about a 350Kbyte dl and a 35 Kbyte ul. My ping tends to be stable at about 60-70 while this is occuring.

    Well here is the problem: when I first start a net game everything is running smoothly until after about 4 minutes of play. This is when randomly my fps will drop from my normal avg. of about 70-80 fps down to BELOW 10!! This has made it almost unbearable to play as of late :evil:.

    Things I have tried:

    - Virtually all CS commands, graphic, client related.
    - HLtoolz on the best FPS pre-set. (game looks extremely crappy and the same thing occurs)
    - that NVRefreshTool that someone mentioned in another thread that forces the computer to a certain refresh rate during game. (My max refresh rate is 85 kHz I believe)
    - Disabled Vsync
    - Newest Drivers
    - Using DirectX 8.1

    Here are some of the cvars I am currently using:
    // FPS Tweaks

    cl_himodels 0
    gl_keeptjunctions 0
    gl_clear 0
    gl_cull 1
    gl_dither 1
    gl_lightholes 0
    gl_palette_tex 1
    gl_spriteblend 0
    gl_ztrick 0
    r_detailtextures 0
    r_detailtexturessupported 0
    r_mirroralpha 0
    r_mmx 0
    violence_ablood 1
    violence_hblood 1
    violence_agibs 0
    violence_hgibs 0
    precache 1
    fs_lazy_precache 0
    cl_dynamiclights 0
    cl_shadows 0
    cl_minmodels 1
    s_a3d 0
    s_eax 0
    s_reverb 0
    voice_dsound 1
    gl_texturemode GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST
    gl_round_down 3
    gl_picmip 1
    gl_playermip 2
    gl_max_size 64
    fastsprites 2
    d_spriteskip 1
    ati_npatch 0
    ati_subdiv 0
    cl_identiconmode 2
    cl_particlefx 0
    cl_weather 0
    cd_fps 0
    cl_corpsestay 1
    hpk_maxsize 1
    max_wallpuffs 1
    max_rubble 1
    max_shells 1
    max_smokepuffs 1

    // Ping Tweaks

    cl_nopred 0
    cl_lw 1
    cl_lb 1
    cl_lc 1
    cl_download_ingame 0
    cl_allowupload 0
    voice_enable 1
    voice_modenable 1
    rate 20000
    cl_updaterate 45
    mp_decals 20
    cl_rate 20000
    cl_cmdrate 100
    cl_cmdbackup "100"

    Any insight into why this is happening or what I can do to fix this would be most greatly appreciated :D Hopefully there is something that I may have overlooked or have not tried :rolleyes: Thx

    Computer Specs:

    Pentium III 800 Mhz
    396 MB Ram
    nVidia TNT2 model 64
  2. Boogie

    Boogie TS Rookie Posts: 76

    First of all I don't play CS but used to play HL.

    Try this

    fps_max "100.0" {in the config file}
    mp_decals "300" try a number lower than this

    -heapsize XXXXX
    Where XXXXX is, you can place a number, and Half-Life will allocate that much memory (in kilobytes) for use with the game. While many recommend setting this anywhere from 75 to 100% of your system memory, I have generally noticed performance seems much better when Half-Life does its own memory management.
    example E:\cs\cs.exe -heapsize 20000

    Of course This guide

    Lastly, play with no sound to see if frames stay good.
  3. LUGE

    LUGE TS Rookie

    Ive been trying to tweak source to get a better framerate and Ive used alot of console commands, but one of them makes the player models dissapear after they die, does anyone know the command the get rid of this? and also thiers another wierd one I cant figure out, thier seems to be a white box with a "X" inside of it over every light source and you can see them through the walls and it's really annoying If anyone could help me with these it would be much appreciated.
  4. SilkCutBlue

    SilkCutBlue TS Rookie

    i thought you could lose the dead players/corpses through the options menu?

    also with reference to post #2

    don't cap your fps with the source engine
    i've heard this causes lots of problem

    try tweaking through the in-game options menu
    i've read that lots of the old CS commands confict with the newer source engine

    my CS:S userconfig.cfg looks like the following

    my rate 15000
    cl_updaterate 101
    cl_cmdrate 101
    violence_agibs "1"
    violence_hgibs "1"
    violence_hblood "1"
    violence_ablood "1"
    cl_show_bloodspray "1"

    everything is has been tweaked in game via the options menu
    then again, HL engine is not exactly my forte and you probably know it better than me

    i can only suggest removing your userconfig.cfg and giving that a go for the reasons ive stated above
  5. deLiGHT

    deLiGHT TS Rookie


    I know your problem

    I know how to fix it.

    I really dislike when people read your post and don't actually READ what you say. I joined specifically to tell you the answer to your problem, and I wont be posting here again.

    Look at your cl_cmdbackup , you have it at 100. Perhaps you heard this was a good idea somewhere, but it is NOT. cmdbackup is the number of information backups made incase of packet loss. Default is 2*, some people change it to 1. Anything higher than 2 is a REALLY BAD IDEA. That explains why it happens after a few minutes, your computer is getting destroyed by the backup, it can't handle that much. Set it down to 2, or for more performance set it to 1.

    PZEROFGH TS Rookie Posts: 63

    can i set it to 0, my cmdbackup?

    BADLEMON TS Rookie

    hahahaha look out here comes the chuck norris of forums
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