FPS Problem; way low on CSS

By Leecho100
Nov 11, 2005
  1. I am running a Radeon 9600XT 128MB with a Gig of PC 3200 RAM, I am trying to play CSS but my fps are getting down as low as 5-10 during lots of action. I am averaging about 20 when I am just moving on a fairly empty server. This was never a problem before and I have been playing CSS since it came out almost. I just got a new update about 2 weeks ago when this started. I updated my Video drivers and I got back to what I normally average (50fps) for about a day. I got on again and my fps were averaging about 20. So I went and uninstalled my video drivers and reinstalled the new ones, I restarted and my fps were averaging 50+ for the next 12-20 minutes when half way thru a round of CSS they dropped down to 20 and then down to 13 when someone came on the screen.
    I have all my video settings low and I am using DXv81. Can anyone help me out here??
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  3. Leecho100

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    My Ping is good Nothing higher then 35 normally more like 20. My choke is normally low (not that I know what that is), but everything else is normal.
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