FPS problems with Counterstrike: Source.

By Mister_Anbu ยท 4 replies
Dec 20, 2007
  1. Computer Specs:

    Nvidia FX 5500
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    1.00GB of Ram
    50/150gb Hard Drive Room

    I understand that it's not exactly amazing specs to run CS:S. However, every time I start up the game, I start with some pretty good FPS. I'll get 60-80 FPS (using direct x 7.0 and changing all of the rates to get 0 choke), but as the round progresses, it slows down dramatically and settles at about 15-30 FPS; sinking as low as 5-15 when gun fire is heavy.

    Is it not possible for me to maintain that 60-80?
  2. Extant

    Extant TS Member Posts: 22

    I used to have the same problem. You should check the temperatures of your CPU.
    When my computer only runs Windows it sticks around 30-40C. When I play CSS it would hit 60-70C and it would not go past 15-20FPS.
  3. cooling has an amazing effect on performance. you'd be surprised just how little it takes to get the cards and processors and stuff to perform better. just to eff around a little, i moved my CPU cooling fan over to my graphics chip for a few minutes to see how it would perform. i actually managed to coax quite a few extra fps out of the card just by adding the fan to it.

    i obviously switched back because it isn't good to take away the main cooling element for my cpu. that things gets mighty hot might fast.

    i'd suggest adding a fan to either the box to help cool all the components, or a dedicated fan for either the cpu or the graphics card if you've got the money. and i'd also suggest checking for the usual stuff. driver updates, viruses slowing the comp down, having enough virtual memory, all that good stuff.
  4. DreamWorks

    DreamWorks TS Rookie

    Well CS:S has the HL2 Engine which obviously requires most resources ..so the ideea of cooling is one of the best...besides th one of upgrading your PC config. Good Luck.
  5. arbpotatoes

    arbpotatoes TS Rookie

    yeah, my PC started crashing a while ago while running CS:S. I didn't encounter slowdown, just crashes. I was told by an expert to try taking off the side panel, and now I have no crashes!
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