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Aug 1, 2005
  1. A friend's Pentium 166 running Win98SE motherboard died (with some help from me). I have a working Compaq Deskpro Pentium 233 running Win 98SE. I tried taking the hard drive from the 166 and putting it on the 233 and it would not boot - error said something like no operating system found. Drive is jumpered as CS.

    How can I either get the hard drive from the 166 (4 gig) to work in place of the other (3 gig) OR how can I transfer the applications/registry etc to the hard drive that I can boot up with (all the transfer programs I have seen require 2 working machines).
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    In order to boot off the drive of the old system, you'd have to reinstall windows onto it. Unless 2 computers are near identical in their hardware, you normally can't use one PC's install on another PC. Your best option would be to add the harddrive to the working computer as a Slave. Set your current working system's hard drive as master and Windows 98 should see the new drive on the next boot. At which point you can copy over anything you want.
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    Yes, I can get to that point and I copied the documents over but I am not sure how to copy the applications from the slave to the master. The PC that passed was donated so I don't have the software to reinstall (MS Office). I have image software, but that copies the OS also, so I am back to square one. I have a McAfee transport program, but I can't transport FROM the slave, only to it.
  4. ajcstr

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    I was able to get the old hard drive to boot up in safe mode using this document:

    However, in normal mode the PC freezes at the Win98 screen. I guess this is because the drivers are different. I removed the CD-Rom and the Network Adapter entries in device manager from safe mode, which others do I need to remove?
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    Pretty much everything.

    There will be like 20 device drivers for the system board and such.
  6. ajcstr

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    Yeah, plus I don't have the compaq drivers, guess the best thing to do is reinstall as much of the software I can and punt !!

    Thanks for the help.
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