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Apr 30, 2003
  1. i was running audigy gamer on win xp pro and it randomly locked up no matter what i was doing. i got fed up after downloading their latest drivers, and tweaking this and that, so i bought the audigy 2. that solved my problem as far as the lock ups and crashes, but now i can't hear my rear speakers no matter what i play. i have the klipsch 4.1. i have tweaked, used this sites tweak guide to no avail. i still hear nothing from the rear speakers. funniest of all, the rear speakers will test, hear them just fine in the test just no where else. what gives? i've also downloaded every driver known to man. need help.

    system info:
    xp 2100+
    gigabyte 7vax mb
    1.0 gb ram
    aiw 9700 pro
    window xp pro
    120 gb hd
    samsung 16x dvd
    sony 40x burner
  2. Rick

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    This won't solve your problem, but I have vowed to never purchase another Creative product again. Despite making very good products, they are not as skilled with their software department....
  3. BrownPaper

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    i think that the way the audigy2 drivers are, they won't output a stereo source (such as mp3s) to the rear speakers and will output only to 2 front speakers. it will still play 5.1 or 4 speaker surround audio sources (i.e. games), however. i had your same reaction when i first used the audigy2. i think you can go check on the cmss 3d box on the eax advanced hd control panel so sound will output on all of your speakers but it will also upmix you audio source. i don't know if you like the soundcard upmixing your sources. i have some altec lansing 641 speakers so i just have to press the stereox2 function on my remote to have 4.1 sound. laters
  4. jnew34

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    Audigy 2 Sound Problems

    You will find with some experience that sound blaster and its drivers are very picky. I have found that Soundblaster live just wont cut it with windows xp alot of crashes and instability. I upgraded to Audigy 2..I have the same sytem your talking about. The Audigy 2 cornered around the 6.1 sound system...I think your problem although they say it will run 4.1 or 5.1 is the fact that you really need 6.1...I have 6.1 and never have any of the crashes and all speakers play...So you might try just going to the 6.1 speaker set...It should fix your problem...Soundblaster is coming out with their version of that just means if you want it and want it to work you'll have to upgrade again...GoodLuck jnew
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  6. young&wild

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    Re: Audigy 2 Sound Problems

    I not really sure about this but i might disagree for some reasons, if Creative is doing this kind of marketing tactic to draw in more customers to buy their Creative 6.1 Inspire speakers, we could see them up in court any second. I wouldn't want to go to 6.1 if your primary use of speaker is gaming, I m trying to stay away from Creative lines of products except for Megaworks.
  7. Actually, Ive had something SORTA like that also. First, identify your speaker set. What are they? 5.1, 6.1, lower, etc? Go into the EAX console or the speakers control and make sure you set the correct speaker settings. If that doesn't work make sure your speakers are connected properly. I also do recall a long time ago messing arround with the sound console for Audigy2Plat and I fixed some errors in the rear speakers not playing. Just play arround with your config, it doesn't hurt to try.
  8. danezal

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    i'd like to thank everyone for responding. here's what i found. i checked the box the cmss 2 3d box on the eax advanced hd control panel and i hear all speakers with no problem. the thing is, that to hear all the speakers, i have to make sure that box is checked every time i listen to something! every time!
  9. TS | Thomas

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    Danezal, the Audigy 2 doesn't have Stereo X2 support, from what you're saying nothing is wrong per se.
    For music playback you can use Foobar to get Stereo X2 support (Preferable to CMSS 1/2) & for games you don't need to do anything beyond enabling EAX/DirectSound 3D in the game for multi-channel audio.
  10. WeinerDog

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    I thought Creative states that CMSS 2 is for something with DVDs? I use CMSS (1) for upmixing MP3s -- I've got the Audigy 2 and the Megaworks 650 6.1 THX system. When I turn on or off the CMSS setting, it stays until I go back and change it tho...

    In fact, I just leave CMSS 1 on all the time - it doesn't effect how WinDVD 4 plays DVD audio, or how EAX sounds in games from what I can tell. I no longer have to change any settings for anything I listen to.

    Also, I've tried many games with this setup, and the only game that had an issue was Unreal II -- and even that was a problem with the game's implementation of EAX and was resolved in a patch.

    Anyone else have this setup and had any problems?
  11. Zzzombie Bunny

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    Ive got the same problem with my Audigy (1) card, the rear speakers only work fully with the drives, on never drives, like the latest beta drives that improve EAX performance quite a bit the rear speaker refuses to work when playing music for example... It does however work in the speaker test and with EAX modes enabled, but you know I really dont like limiting myself to EAX just to get full 5:1 sound when listening to music... id like to play around with the enviourment effects and so on without the drives cutting my 5:1 system to simple 2 speaker stereo.
  12. mljacobsmeier

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    CMSS 2

    Hi there,

    I think you can "fool" the audigy into running dual-stereo by doing the following:

    1) in the speaker panel, set your speaker configuration to 4 speakers
    2) in the EAX panel, choose to enable CMSS
    3) choose CMSS 2
    4) move the balance to 0% (equal between front and back)

    If you use CMSS (1), you will get a bit of an echo effect, although volume leveles will be okay. If you don't adjust CMSS 2's balance, you will get low volume AND an echo effect. Both of these facts suck!

    Now, to be sure, this is a big pain! The BIGGEST pain is the these setting are not preserved after rebooting! I am in the porcess of asking Creative about this, because it sucks!!! I run my rear output to another room, and I just want here normal stereo there... always! I wish they just had a simple dual-stero option, and I don't think it would be hard to add this option to the software.
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