Free Music sites are legal when the musicians agree

By riverwind
Jul 25, 2006
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    With all do respect Mr. Howard, I most certainly had no intention to post or proceed into seeking "illegal" sources of music. There are in fact free music websites, which are legal, when the musicians agree to "share" their music. For instance, is an excellent site with hundreds of bands and thousands of free songs available for download.
    I surely didn't intend to cause any confusion as I was misled by the Forum titled "The Meeting Spot, Where TS readers go to discuss less technical & general topics"
    I do apologize for any confusion and will keep my inquiries strictly professional for now on.
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    With all due respect Mr. Riverwind, the site you gave is not a legal music site. It's a directory of links, which most prominently features links to illegal and dubious sources.

    There are places out there such as you describe, but the site you gave isn't one of them.

    Try for musicians who make their stuff free, or for something more mainstream and popular by the way of music, try for legal free music services, or itunes for a cheap service.

    I'm afraid Howard was right, and Techspot does not condone piracy, even if you asked the question innocently. In future, if you have a problem with a moderators decision in locking a thread, could you please take the issue up via PM rather than spilling it out into the forums.
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