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By focus_water
Jan 30, 2007
  1. does anyone where i can get a free sub domain? i found one but it didnt support php so i got rid of that. so all i pretty much need is something that will give me web mail and it has to use php.
  2. Nodsu

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    Your mixing things up here..

    A domain name is simply a name pointing to an IP address.
    PHP, web mail and suchlike is hosting - you want someone to give you a a server or a part of a server to use.

    Hosting providers usually give you a domain name too, but that's just a little "extra", not the service itself.

    Check with your ISP first, they often bundle some web or mail service for free or a modest fee.
    Do you go to a school of some sort? They oten provide students with some web space and mail accounts.
    Do you work somewhere? Your company may have a kind webmaster who can give you some web space.
  3. focus_water

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    i checked with my ISP and there cheapest plan was over $500. my school doesnt do it. there actually trying to get rid of the computers. theres to many hackers...well script kiddies anyway, and i dont have a job.
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