Freebie: Learn front-end development with this hands-on CSS course

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Whether you're looking to master front-end development, or just want some practice playing around with a new coding language, check out this free course at the TechSpot Store. It features 10 hands-on projects and step-by-step instruction in CSS and HTML.

Featuring 10 fun and engaging front-end projects, this course is taught by experts from Eduonix. After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand HTML5, CSS3, Node.js installation & installing, configuring, and working w/ LESS
  • Create a responsive HTML5/CC landing page
  • Make a web calendar w/ a sub-layout for smaller screens
  • Build a fully functional image slider w/ CSS animation/keyframes
  • Explore drop-down menus & timelines
  • Use variables, mixins & nested styles to create tables
  • Utilize JQuery to build an image gallery
  • Position & animate images
  • Customize a custom Bootstrap template
  • Implement LESS to create a newsletter template

To access the free course all you have to do is sign up at the TechSpot Store (if you haven’t already), and complete the steps listed on the page to follow TechSpot and share on social. You’ll then gain lifetime access to the course's content.

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