Freekin Vonage

By SeeingStarz
Dec 13, 2005
  1. I'm going to post this here, and I hope and pray that somebody here knows what is going on with this stupid thing.........

    I have Vonage Broadband, it works sometimes ( like if I sneeze too hard, the thing goes out-I really hate it). I have a Linksys Broadband router for it ( RT31P2). Last night, it quit. Flat out quit-I thought it was just one of those "moments" for it. Well today, I got on my computer and tried to log on...but couldn't ( I have Time Warner/roadrunner High speed)...I tried to re-new the IP and couldn't. Nothing. Nada. So I unplugged the Linksys thing...and plugged the internet cable directly into my modem....and worked. TA DA !! I was online...but that didn't solve my problem because my hubby's deployed and calls everyday...I have NO phone. I did the power cycle thing, and it didn't work. I called Vonage they gave me a series of steps to take, all of which consisted of my Router being plugged into the Modem to access some sort of web page...I tried to explain to them that I cannot access the internet with this linksys thing plugged in. The "phone" lights are constantly flashing. I really want to talk to him tonight...I called Vonage, but they barely speak english and insist that power cycling it will fix the problem, however, I have done this 10 times now, and...its not working. Can somebody please help me ???
  2. jobeard

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    what a bummer! Go off line and await that phone call !
    you can fix the Vonage junk later, IMO.

    I did a google for your equipment and got this sad state of affairs

    To reset the router, there should be a button(or hole for a paper clip) on the back panel.
    Once you use it, the box should return to the factory settings and
    you will need to reconfigure the device.
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