Freeze on startup at mup.sys

By keith_jones
Aug 3, 2007
  1. Two days ago My computer started freezing at startup. I then proceeded to try to start in safe mode and noticed it was freezing at a file called "mup.sys". I searched google and didn't find a good fix for this. I am running Windows XP Professional. I installed another copy on my backup HD, same machine. I want to be able to fix it so I don't have to lose all my programs. I have tried going into Automated System Recovery Console, and used this line: "disable mup" to disable this service. Also I tried disabling: D347bus, d347prt, RecAgent, srescan (Zonealarm system file.)

    Does anybody know how to repair this so I can run my normal programs again? I ran ChkDsk on C and it came back with 1 possible error on the disk and did not fix it. This error was there one time before I formatted the drive. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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