Freeze...unfreeze...freeze CD ROM Drive issue

By Baron_Nogood
Jan 26, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I am having an intermitant problem with my IDE drives setup.

    Now and then, my computer will start freezing and unfreezing (stuttering) as it attempts to find both my DVD and my CD Rom drive. I checked out the event log and the following error is present:

    Source: Cdrom
    Category: None
    EventID: 15
    Description: The device, \Device\CdRom0, is not ready for access yet.

    It also does this for device\cdRom1 too...i.e. both of my IDE drives.

    If I happen to be reading from these drives when the stuttering starts, page faults are recorded (presumably because it was reading from the drives at the time).

    I assumed this was a cabling issue, BUT a reboot solves the problem...

    It is getting more regular and I wonder if it is a failing DMA controller...

    This is a brand new motherboard so hopefully that is not the case, I would be interested in your views...
  2. raybay

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    What is your computer brand and model, and what optical drive setup do you have? How old are the optical drives. If they have heavy use, they may only last six months to a year... and if they are on a low end Dell, HP, Compaq, eMachine, or Sony, they simply do not last that long some times.
    If you are good with a philips screwdriver, you can buy a replacement for $20 to $29 at Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Circuit City, or others to test. and replace.
  3. Baron_Nogood

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    Brand and model is my own build, I recently had to replace the motherboard (which entailed new CPU, new RAM) so that is all relatively new. The drives themselves are set up in a standard master (a Sony CD ROM Drive) slave (An LG DVD RW drive). I have updated firmware for both drives and as I said this problem is intermitant.

    I have had DVD drives fail on me before, but the fact that it is polling both Cdrom1 AND Cdrom2 leads me to believe it is either:

    1) Cabling issue
    2) DMA controller issue

    The drives themselves should be fine...hum. I am also fortunate enough to have a screwless caddy for my IDE drives, so no philips necessary ;), plus I am in the UK so everything will be double priced and in £ :D
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