Freezing, crashing,BSODs on new system. Minidumps confusing vs google

By Balendor
Jan 12, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I just rebuilt my computer and have been getting crashes, mainly with WoW I've been playing lately. The crashes are of the form "cannot reference memory at XX, memory could not be read". I also get system freezes with no error messages, and the occasional BSD. I get BSDs through normal use outside WoW, so it makes me think the video card is not the problem. I caught one of the messages as page fault in non paged area, and a blue screen listed nv4_disp.dll without a memory dump, which is a nvidia display driver.

    Since I get errors when not using 3d applications, it makes me think the ram is the problem instead of the video card. Google points to both ram and video card. I have two minidumps from BSOD, and when I ran them through the debugger the results made no sense. They pointed to driver issues. This is a fresh machine with manually downloaded latest drivers.

    MSI k9A motherboard (amd crossfire 3200 chipset)
    geforce 7900GS
    amd x2 3800
    OCZ 2 x 1 gb ddr2 ram
    500w antec power supply, SP-500.

    I tried swapping sticks, alternating memory sticks, using only one memory stick, and I still get BSOD.

    I read the threads about this sort of thing here and they suggested some things to do, but none have solved this problem. I would appreciate it if anyone who was familiar with these sort of things would take a look. I attached my two minidumps

    edit: I ran OCZ's memtest over night and had no errors. The motherboard by default did not have the correct timing/voltage for the memory, I had to set this mannually to 2.1v 4-5-4-15. I tried upping voltage to CPU, then to memory, none of it helped. The system is not overclocked. The power consumption calculator said I would need a 250W power supply which increase to 300W when I added in extra parts I dont have, so I don't think my PSU is the problem.


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