Frequent Crashes/BSOD/Problems

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Apr 19, 2007
  1. For the first year or two the computer I built was running perfectly, but lately it has been having problems. I'll be playing Counter-Strike:Source and it will either randomly crash giving me an error about "datacache.dll" or I'll get a blank bluescreen, or my computer will just restart. It usually crashes more often when playing a game, but sometimes it also crashes doing normal activities.

    I attached some of my minidumps below, if you need more just ask, I have alot of them...

    If you need any other information just tell me and I'll try my best to get it.


    EDIT :: Also here's a windows recovery error thing--
    BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : 805F215E BCP3 : AC8A6C18
    BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1
  2. raybay

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    There has been a rash of reports of this and similar datacache.dll errors. You can do a Google search for them, and perhaps find similarities between your system and what others are reporting.
  3. Simulation

    Simulation TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Already looked it up, no solution. I want to fix the crashing/BSOD first, though. That's more important to me.
  4. Simulation

    Simulation TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will someone please help me?
  5. peterdiva

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    One of the dumps is citing memory corruption as the probable cause. What's your RAM setup? Any overclocking? Run Memtest. Also, post any new minidumps.
  6. Simulation

    Simulation TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ocZ PC3200 1024MB EL Dual CH Plat. Edition. 2-3-2-5 no overclocking no memtest errors on one stick, going to test the other tonight.

    Here's some new minidumps:
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