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Dec 24, 2006
  1. I just built a new computer. I got a Intel Core 2 Extreme cpu, and I also bought the Vigor Gaming Monsoon cpu fan, since the stock fan wouldn't be enough to keep it cool. However, this fan was installed wrong, only because the instructions were a piece of junk. I had the fan facing the opposite way, so I had to take the mobo out and reinstall the fan. That's the only way of installing this monster, too.

    Even though I installed the fan incorrectly the 1st time, everything powered on and the temperature was fine, but after I discovered my mistake and moved the fan into the proper position, something happened. I booted up the computer and the temperature control starts beeping, and it indiciated that the cpu was at 210F degrees!! I quickly turned it off, doubled checked all the wirings. After making sure the cpu fan was connected, i tried it one more time, and it was still beeping at 210 degrees!! After that, I didn't want to risk turning it on and off. SO, here's my question:

    Is my cpu fried after turning it on 2 times like that, if only for a few seconds? Second, what might have caused the temperature to rise like that, even though it was working fine when the fan was facing the wrong way? Could it have been that the thermal paste thinned out after I corrected the fan orientation? If that's the case, would adding extra paste "connect" the cpu with the cpu fan again and have it work properly?? Someone please help!!
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    Most likely, those are not the actual temps. The system shuts the computer down automatically or slows down the processor when it gets past a certain temp, I believe around 70C. You probably damaged the temperature sensor while moving the fan around.
  3. Sharkfood

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    Not bloody likely to fry an Intel CPU.

    Intel has thermal protection so it'll throttle back and actually shut down before heat damages can damage it.

    More than likely, your problem now is improper contact with the CPU surface. Some of these Socket 775 motherboards and fan/heatsink combos... you almost have to snap the motherboard to get the corner screws locked down sufficiently.. else you'll have super hot cpu like you're encountering.

    I've seen a LOT of Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extremes hit 98-120C temperatures over long periods of time due to improper installed heatsink/fan combo's. After properly affixing (and with new thermal compound), reducing temps to 29-33C range idle. No problems after fixing the temperature issues whatsoever.
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    Did you apply thermal compound when installing the fan? Typically, the cpu would get hot enough to shut down when something vital is skipped.
  5. c3po

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    Unfortunately, this cpu fan doesn't snap down like the usual ones do. I have to take out the mobo and screw it in from the back, which is a real pain. This thing is pretty big, so I'm always afraid of cracking the board when I have to take it out to make adjustments.

    Thanks for your input, guys. If anyone else has anything, feel free to post it.

    Thermal paste was applied before I installed the fan, but after moving the fan twice, I assume that the paste might have thinned out, which might be why the cpu wasn't getting cooled, but that's the issue I'm trying to figure out.

    Before all of this occured, the BIOS showed up on the screen, but then I lost the image on my monitor. The computer, however, was still running, so I wasn't sure why I couldn't see anything on the monitor. :S This is a totally separate issue.
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