Fried MOB?

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Nov 11, 2007
  1. I have a dell dimension E510 and recently purchased some new memory sticks. I put them in my computer not realizing I had mixed kinds of sticks. I had 2 sticks of 512MB PC4200 and 2 sticks of 1GB PC5300. Now my computer has serious trouble turning on and when it does it checks for a floppy diskette, which I don't have. Then it goes to a blue error screen for newly installed hardware or software and tells me to restart. The only way I got it to turn on was to unplug all the power supplies to the MOB, even the little circular battery. Have I ruined my MOB and/or other components from mixing memory sticks? What can I do now?
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    Have you tried removing one brand of RAM, some brand of memory have conflicts together and that could be the problem.
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    Either your new memory is incompatible with the old memory or it's incompatible with the motherboard. You probably didn't hurt your motherboard. How many megabytes is the new memory and how many megabytes is the old memory? Nevermind I reread your post. Use just the PC5300, and give it another go.
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    The P.C. will boot after you reset ? (bios). Even though your machine supports PC-4200 (533 mhz) you can run the 5300 (667 mhz). Try just that, leave the PC 4200 out. Hopefully that will work so you have 2 gigs of ram. Install in slots #'s 1&3 or #'s 2&4. You may have dual channel support.
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