Front Case USB Port Broken

By moutzokers
Dec 11, 2005
  1. Hi everyone, and thanks in advance

    The problem is this:
    I was just testing out a bunch of mouses on my USB port (its a long story) and plugging them in to the front USB port on my case...

    You can view my case ina big picture here:
    I plugged it in to the top one

    anyway, a little later i tripped over the mouse cord pulling the mouse cord out of the USB Port and causeing the top USB port protector (white thing covering the 4 prongs) and bending the whole thing down.

    Now the top USB Port is missing the white protector. The bottom one seems fine but both were bent... now none of them work.

    Could anyone give me any information on what to do or ways i could try to see if it works (excluding taking it in for repair)?

    If repair is the only option could someone tell me what may have to be repeaired?

    thank you very much guys
    any help would be very greatly appreciated :slurp:
  2. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    you definitely need to repair
    just get a new front-usb module, their about $5
  3. moutzokers

    moutzokers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the quick and detailed reply. :)

    if anyone can add any more info or add any more comments it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. patio

    patio TS Guru Posts: 482

    Make sure all power is dis-connected to the machine before you open the case...
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