Front USB and Floppy problems (Mobo related)

By mrtruesdale
Sep 24, 2006
  1. I'm caught in abit of a Catch-22 here.
    I recently upgraded my mobo to a K8N Neo 2 with a new processor, installed all the drivers that came with it and everything works apart from the Front 2 USB ports and my floppy drive.
    The USB ports register when something is plugged in but dont recognise it (a message to that effect flashes up). The floppy is part of a 7 in 1 card reader (it reads memory cards such as Compact flash, SD cards etc) but it has no power whatsoever. Funny because I've plugged in cards in the other linked slots and they work fine.

    I've read around and think it could be the distribution of power on the mobo. A BIOS flash might fix it but how can I do this without a working floppy drive and booting from a start up disc?

    Hope this makes sense.
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