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Frustrating PC problems (Possibly video card?)

By indoordinosaur
Apr 2, 2007
  1. A few days ago while i was playing world of warcraft i got the BSOD. I rebooted my computer but i found that the bios and bootup screen were had such a garbled image that everything was impossible to read. Windows wouldn't boot up at all. It would only load up for a while then the screen would simply go black.
    I pressed F8 to bring up the advanced startup options but nothing was readable. I could however vauguely see where the cursor was so i was able to find safe mode after a few attempts. On one of the failed attempts i got the bsod that said "nv4_disp infinite loop" or something like that.
    Eventually when i was able to boot it up the screen displayed a resolution of 640x480, 4bit color and there were random vertical lines going up the screen. If i tried to change this the computer would crash and give me a variety of error messages like "PAGE_FAULT_IN_A_NONPAGED_AREA" or "IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" or "nvr_disp"
    I looked up the problem on google and found out that i needed to replace my video drivers. So i dl'd new drivers, uninstalled the old ones, the reinstalled the new ones. This didn't help at all and i still got the same messages. I tested my hardware and found out that everything works except the Video Memory, the test said it had something like "0x00000h expected to read 0h but read 8h instead". Sometimes when i try to install different video drivers or test out other settings I can get windows to boot up in its normal resolution and the video card functions seem to work okay, but eventually the computer will freeze up on me or i'll get a BSOD. Unlike Windows, the BIOS has never booted up normal looking since the problem occurred.

    I have no clue what the problem could be or how to fix it
    Help me!
    thank you :)

    i forgot to mention my system specs:
    Dell XPS 400
    GPU: Nvdia 6800 (regular)
    CPU: Intel Pentium D 2.8ghz
    RAM: 1gb ddr2 ( i think dell is the brand )
    Motherboard: Intel board
  2. ddg4005

    ddg4005 TS Guru Posts: 376   +50

    It sounds like your video card is going. You can snag a GeForce 7800 GS or 7600 series card for $150 to $220 dollars these days. I'd go for the 7800 as it's currently the fastest card available for AGP but you'll need to upgrade your PSU (they're notorious for not working in Dell computers because of their weak PSUs).

    With either solution you shouldn't have a problem. Let us know how goes!
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