fryed usbs.. i think.. am i SOL?

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Oct 3, 2007
  1. Ok so I got this Dell Inspiron 1721 a little while back and everything was running fine untill last night when my keyboard and mouse started flashing over and over, at first I thought maybe the plug wasnt in right and i unplugged it and plugged it back in, it worked for a little while then started doing it again, so i unplugged everything. I accidently left the mouse plugged in for a while and when I went to unplug it the plug was searing hot (was plugged in near the battery, whch could have been the reason for that), so now i think my laptop fryed my keyboard and mouse and it happened at the same time so I think all of my usbs are shot now.

    anyways my question is this, Is this a normal problem with the powered usb 2.0s? and since i think im going to have to send my dell in, do you think i stand a chance at getting my keyboard and mouse replaced by them or am I sol? together they cost me around $100 new.
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    If you had these connected direct to the laptop it is worth asking - if through a hub, forget it. Sorry.
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    ok now im really confused... last night my mouse and keyboard started working again, but this morning when I tryed to plug em back in they didnt work and now when I plug my power cord in, it shows that its fully charged but it doesnt say its plugged in.. I read some where that this could be caused because of a bad usb driver, so I went and checked, and Im up-to-date on my drivers so i know it cant be that.. I have restarted like 5 times so it isnt that.

    the other thing thats going on is every once in a while is that some keys will either get stuck or reverse, as in if i push forward it goes back, or my touch pad will just stop working or it wont let me type or something like that, and to fix this i have to double tap shift. Its very annoying when im in the middle of something and it starts to happen, is there any way to fix this? i thought it might be the sticky keys shift thing, but I thought I had turned that off when I first got on it.

    btw if anyones curious this is a Dell Inspiron 1721 I dont know if I posted that in my first post.

    If anyone has any info on this or knows of these issues please post cuz i feel like I just have a bad laptop. This is the first vista system I have had, could these possibly be different options I need to set or change in vista?
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  5. silverwingz

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    ty ty, im going through the steps right now
  6. edercam

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    help please!

    My name is Efren, and I am from Mexico
    I have a Dell inspiron 1721,
    Service Tag: 471H0F1
    Express Code: 9132865885
    and I need bios Pw or master pw for the lap
    Sorry for bad English.
    Please help me!
    Thank You Very Much!
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