Fujitsu Introduces LifeBook Q2010 Notebook (2.2 pounds?)

By Julio Franco
Apr 22, 2006
  1. Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced the exclusive LifeBook® Q2010 high-end executive notebook, featuring the latest mobile technology embodied in a sophisticated design and built inside and out with meticulous craftsmanship and style. Just 2.2 pounds with a 12.1-inch wide display and approximately 3/4 of an inch thin, the LifeBook Q2010 notebook is in a class by itself.

    Constructed with mobility in mind, the LifeBook Q2010 notebook features titanium hinges for extra strength, high-quality magnesium housing for durability and a shock-mounted hard disk drive complete with G-Force accelerometers to protect data. With an elegant black matte finish for ultimate style, the LifeBook Q2010 notebook makes an executive statement.

    Fujitsu, with a reputation for reliability well-earned during more than 20 years of developing and manufacturing mobile computing devices, has once again pushed the technology envelope. The LifeBook Q2010 notebook, available summer 2006, will be one of the world's thinnest and lightest Intel® Core™ based notebooks available.

    "Executives find themselves traveling more now than ever, and the ability to stay connected is not an option, it's a requirement -- and if they can do it with style, then all the better," said Paul Moore, Senior Director of Mobile Product Marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems. "The LifeBook Q2010 notebook provides all the features and quality that our customers expect from a LifeBook, in an incredibly thin and light unit. The image associated with the Q Series is one of prestige and style. There is no doubt that the Q Series is destined to be a hit with traveling executives."

    The LifeBook Q2010 notebook precisely delivers only what executives on the move require. The LifeBook Q2010 notebook runs Windows XP and is capable of running Windows Vista Powered by the Intel® Core™ Solo processor, the LifeBook Q2010 notebook features exceptional performance. Integrated Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN 802.11abg with VoIP capabilities offers easy and reliable communications. Integrated Bluetooth v2.0 ensures easy data synchronization with different devices. A docking station with an integrated dual-layer DVD burner keeps the notebook as light and thin as possible. Ergonomically designed, the LifeBook Q2010 notebook can be used as a desktop replacement with its ample display and full-sized keyboard.

    Security features abound in the LifeBook Q2010 notebook including Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 and a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor for added security and more efficient password management. The LifeBook Q2010 notebook keeps up with busy executives, offering a three-cell battery for lightest weight and an optional six-cell battery packing up to eight hours(1).
  2. Fiziks

    Fiziks Banned Posts: 226

    spectacular, but expensive I'd imagine...

    has any price figure come out yet?
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